1. Submit an order

  • Register a Sale
  • Download Barcode and Shipping Lable

2. Securely pack your stuff

  • Please print out the free parcel label and affix it to your parcel so that it is clearly visible
  • Naptor barcode & user account number label scanner must be inserted inside the parcel so we know who has sent delivery.

3. Post it with RoyalMail or DPD

  • Please do not send your item(s) to a different address; otherwise, you will not receive payment and we cannotguarantee that we can return your item(s) to you.
  • Regardless of the chosen shipping option, please enclose this delivery note in the package.
    • Packing Guidelines
    • To avoid the risk of damage or loss in transit, please ensure that items are packaged properly. Guidelines on packing your itemsare provided below.
    • You should take special care when packing fragile and heavy items.
    • Use sturdy shipping boxes of the rightsize and ensure that the box is sealed twice with adhesive tape at the top and bottom ends.
    • Pack your item(s) in a shipping boxin such a way that there is as little free space as possible.
    • Use filler material such as crumpled newspapers, packing chips or airpouches to pad out any gaps and to prevent the contents from moving about in the box and being damaged or lost in transit

4. Receive cash

  • Bank transfer sameday payment 24 to 48 hours Mon to Fri item recieved must match grades otherwise this will delay payment
  • Cheque payment 1 week Mon to Friday item recieved must match grades otherwise this will delay payment